FRTOL for Non-Pilots

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A standalone course for non-pilot’s wishing to obtain a FRTOL licence to be able to conduct radio communications as a passenger. Useful for cabin crew and friends and family of pilots.



To be eligible to join this course you must be at least 16 years old and have demonstrated English Language Proficiency (ELP) to level 4,5 or 6 which must still be valid on the date that the FRTOL is issued.

Online Theory Training

This course includes access to our online communications training video to prepare you for the theory exam.

Communications Theory Exam

The course includes a single attempt at the CAA communications theory exam, which is taken in one of our test centres in Coventry, Warwickshire or Sywell, Northamptonshire.

Brush Up Session

Once you have passed the theory exam you can proceed to the practical training. The rules regarding training pre-requisites for an FRTOL test are more relaxed for standalone FRTOL candidates (those who are not pursuing a pilots licence but are still seeking a FRTOL). But there is still a requirement for pre-test training.

In order to satisfy the training requirements or to clear up any problem areas we offer a ‘brush-up session’. It is not intended to replace the required reading or self study needed to prepare for the practical test but is the candidates opportunity to clear up any area where they may feel that they are weak or need further clarification.

On completion of the session and provided that the instructor feels that all requirements have been met the candidate will be issued with a completed SRG1171, this is required in order to attempt the practical assessment. The brush up lasts for two hours and is usually conducted in small groups. However ‘one to one’ brush up sessions are available on request.

The FRTOL Practical Test

The course includes one attempt at the practical test which must be taken at our test centre in Coventry Airport, Warwickshire.

On the day of the assessment the candidate will be required to prove to the examiner that they have satisfied all of the pre-requisites listed above. Once the examiner is satisfied they will conduct a short briefing outlining how the test will be conducted. The test will consist of the examiner simulating a VFR flight in the classroom and the candidate being required to demonstrate all of the required RT calls. Conducted in two separate rooms with the candidate and examiner using a form of two way communication to simulate the use of an aircraft radio.

Once the practical element is complete the examiner will confirm understanding with a short session of questioning. The examiner will then advise the candidate of the result and issue a proof of pass which needs to be sent to the UK CAA in order to issue a FRTOL.

Getting Started

Once you purchase this course we will send you access to the theory training video. Once you are ready, contact us to book your theory exam. You should also undertake self-study and practice use of the radio. Once you feel ready contact us to book the brush up. If you do not pass the assessment you will have to do further self study and take.

Once you have passed the theory exam

Duration: You have 12 months to complete the course from the date of purchase. Should you not complete the course in his timeframe no refund will be offered.