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Bringing together our Fast Track PPL scheme, night rating course, IR (R) training and the required hours building to prepare you for for your CPL license. Read the full details below and register here.


The Fast Track Way to Prepare For Your CPL Licence

Incorporating our Fast Track PPL course, Night Rating, IR (R) training and a further 110 hours building.

All your flying done ready for CPL

  • Guarantee – If you do not pass your PPL skills in the first attempt, we pay for the second* 
  • Proven system –  our tried and tested process delivers results …. Fast
  • Saves Money – the fast track approach usually results in completion in fewer hours.  We have a payment plan, so there is no need to pay for the entire course up front.
  • Includes theory training and the first attempt at your exams
  • Fully Structured – All of your theory training, exam and flight hours booked from the outset. Furthermore, you´ll have the same instructor, back up instructor and aircraft throughout, with the exception of the post ab intio training.
  • Mentored Hours Building – A structured approach to hours building with suggested routes to help you plan routes that fit and grow with your experience, pushing you to gain further experience as you go.


Three Steps to Success 

Step 1 – Private Pilots Licence (PPL) training. This is the backbone of any commercial licence. Benefit from our proven PPL Fast Track scheme and get your licence…. Fast. All you need to get your PPL is included.* More information on the Fast Track PPL course can be found here:

Step 2 – Hour building, you have your licence now is the time to put it to use. 110 hours of aircraft hire are included as part of the package. This goes towards the 175 hour requirement needed in order to begin a CPL course. We provide a ‘structured hour building’ program where we suggest destinations and mentor you through your hour building journey. 

Step 3 – Advanced flight training. Not all commercial flying takes place in perfect weather. We equip you for this by including a night rating and Instrument Rating (Restricted). The IR(R) also provides you with credit towards a full Instrument Rating which you will gain as part of your commercial flight training. 

What’s included

  • 45 dual hours  PPL training 
  • Additional 110 hours – Structured hours building course  
  • Night rating including minimum course hours and 5 hours ground briefing.
  • IR (R) credit – 15 hours towards CBIR course 
  • FREE Theory Training 14 hours theory training with an instructor
  • FREE 3 Months use of our online training platform 
  • FREE First Attempt at the theory exams 
  • FRTOL Test – first attempt 
  • Skills Test – first attempt 
  • Pooleys starter Pack, Hi-Viz and Checklist
  • Passive headset 

    Total Course Cost – £32179


“I completed my PPL in Feb 2019 alongside studying for my degree course at University. I’ve now moved on to training for my commercial pilots licence. Almat are one of the best in the business and have the best values for training, private hire and experience flights. The company has made and still making a huge amount of improvements. Almat has many opportunities which are not to be missed. Huge thank you to my instructors especially Carmen for supporting me through my PPL.”

Hasnain Mirza, April 2019 via Twitter

Register Now For Free

Click the ‘register now’ button above and complete the free checkout process. We shall then email you further details including a contract, pricing, and other details. We´ll also contact you to discuss your training plan and start booking your training. Furthermore:

  • We will send you your starter pack and training materials, set your exam dates and flight schedule. You are first required to do minimum a 5 hours revision per subject.
  • You will then be given access to our online training platform to complete online ground school sessions for passing the theory exams. These are pre recorded distance learning. You will need to test yourself using our online question bank.
  • Should you need any additional theoretical training this can be arranged at our hourly rate on a one to one basis.

You must (ask us if you need help):

  • Obtain medical prior to first solo flight
  • Sign and return the contract (this can be a scanned copy).
  • Pay first instalment invoice prior to acceptance on the course.

    Pre-requisites and commitments

    • You must be at least 17 years old (this is the minimum age to obtain a LAPL / PPL licence).
    • You must have obtained the medical prior to first solo.
    • You must have paid the first payment prior to course entry.
    • You must be available to fly a minimum of 4 hours per week, plus any practical ground school necessary.
    • You must have passed all your theoretical at agreed dates.

Payment Terms:

  • Payment in £2000 instalments
  • £2000 up front payment before issue of training equipment
  • Once your balance has depleted, a further payment of £2000
  • And so on until the course is complete

Whats’ not included

  • Any exam retakes
  • Any second attempt at FRTOL exam
  • Any partial skills test pass retake*
  • Any further skills test attempts other than the first fail.
  • Landing fees
  • Medical cost
  • CAA licencing fee


What happen’s if I don’t finish the course in the contracted period?  We will simply review your training plan and extend it to fit your circumstance.

How frequently can I fly?  You can fly up to two hours per day, but are required to do a  minimum 4 hours per week.

What happens if my flight is cancelled by the school? If the weather is unsuitable or there are other reason your flight cannot go ahead, you will be notified a the earliest opportunity and the flight re-scheduled.

What happens if I cancel a flight? If it is within 24 hours of the booking you will be charged a cancellation fee. If you repeatedly cancel flights you maybe ejected off the course.

What happens if I do not pass my theory exams by the agreed flight training start date? This is reviewed case by case. We would recommend a new time frame with additional support. Depending on how far through the theory training you are, we may delay the start of flight training.

Whats happens if I need more than the minimum hours? You will be billed at the contracted hourly rate up until completion.

Is the course price fixed? Yes the price is fixed, however at the minimum requirements. You will need to pay additional hours if required, or additional exam attempts, ground school etc outside of the quote.

What happens if I quit the course early? You will be charged for a 10% cancellation fee and the remainder of any unused credit balance returned to you.

How to I pay my landing fee’s? We will deduct home landing fee’s from your credit balance and away landing fee’s must be paid on landing via cash or card.

When should I get my medical? Book it immediately. You will need to have proof of medical by your first solo flight.

Does it really take around 18 months? Weather can delay the process as can the timing of passing your theory exams (which are included), but it yes. This is for serious and committed people that want to get it done. For that reason we only allow students to participate in the program for up to 18 months in order that we can deliver on saving you time and money.

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