Steve Mason – Instructor

Profile picture of Steve Mason, Flight Instructor

Steve started his flying career in 2003 as part of a 14-year period with the Air Cadets. In 2013 he obtained his PPL with Almat Flying Club as it was then called and then completed an aerobatic rating shortly after. Steve has flown on many trips around the UK and abroad including a most enjoyable trip to Maastricht with one of our other instructors, Carmen.  After flying privately for a few years, he added an Instructor rating to his license to teach and is one of our full-time instructors. Steve’s favourite aircraft is the Cessna 177RG. In his spare time, Steve enjoys playing the didgeridoo, ukulele and travelling. Watch his interview below or go back to the about us page for more info on almat on our team.

Instructor Ratings – (LAPL, Aerobatic, Night and Simulator)