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Need a headset for your lesson? Rent David Clark Headsets from the club for Just £5 per day!

We have had many complaints from students regarding troublesome headsets. We have listened to these and have purchased the high quality ones. However in order to prevent these headsets getting into the same condition we see the need to charge a small fee for use and for ongoing repairs to be completed.

A good quality headset is essential for a distraction free flight.  As many well be aware many of the current Almat headsets have been around for sometime and are showing their age. It is very costly to keep these in good condition and as they are kept in the aircraft they haven’t been particularly well cared for. 

We now have some high quality David Clark headsets available for hire. These will be maintained and will be kept in the office. They will be available for hire for the reasonable sum of £5.00 per day. If you want to take your training seriously and don’t want to commit to your own expensive headset just yet why not considering hiring one of these.

The old headsets will be still be available until such time that they break at which point they will be removed from service and not replaced.

If you would like to take advantage of these on your next flight please ask a member of staff.

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Join us for breakfast club!

We are currently in the process of organizing a breakfast club. The idea of this is simple, we visit a different local airfield each month for breakfast. We plan to be back at Coventry by 1100 so this is an easy way to get flying and be back in time for work. This is a fantastic way to enjoy the social side of flying and to visit new airfields.

Our first breakfast club is arranged for Saturday 30th March and will be to Wellesbourne. We plan on taking the following aircraft: Cessna 152 G-GFID, Cessna 172 G-BOMS and Robin 2160 G-BLWY.

Students and license holders are welcome and we can provide instructors for those who need them.

We expect this to be quite popular so please get in touch to secure your place!