Radio Licence (FRTOL)

Get your Flight Radio Telephony Operator’s Licence (FRTOL) with us. It is part of getting a PPL or LAPL pilot licence. Allowing pilots to operate a radio in a UK registered aircraft.

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To apply for a FRTOL licence you must be at least 16 years old and have passed the PPL Communications theory exam. You then have 2 years to –

After passing the RTF practical communication test you have 2 years to take the FRTOL practical test. It is typically applied for when you apply for your pilot license having completed all the pre-requisites.

To apply for a FRTOL limited to Very High Frequency (VHF) operations only, you must have:

  • a pass in the High Frequency (HF) written examinations is valid to 24 months for the removal of the VHF only limitations

Credits for the PPL Communications Theory Test:

You are credited the PPL Communications theory exam if you have:

  • current pass in the JAR-FCL / Part-FCL Communications exams (for both VFR and IFR Communications during the exam validity period.
  • current ATCO licence as per EU Directive 2006/23/EC.
  • current FISO licence issued as per Article 203 of the Air Navigation Order 2009

Since September 2012 a UK FRTOL is valid for life as long as your language proficiency endorsement is current. Once you have achieved the requirements for initial issue you can apply online apply online via the CAA website.