Flying club rules

  1. Almat Flying Academy implement the following four rules to help steer a healthy, welcoming environment for our staff, members, customers and guests. All members agree to follow these rules which are as part of their membership agreement.
    • a) Be Respectful
    • b) Be Professional
    • c) Be Inclusive
    • d) Be Understanding

Unacceptable Behaviour

2. The following could result in termination of membership of any or all parties involved in an incident depending on the circumstances. Incidents will be reviewed by management and their decision is final and without appeal and current subscriptions will not be refunded.

    • a) Violence – including incitement and threats to harm the self or others.
    • b) Verbal attacks / using language in a derogatory manner.
    • c) Unwelcome sexual attention, physical contact or intimidation
    • d) Influencing aforementioned unacceptable behaviour
    • e) Verbal attacks on minority groups.


3. If you believe you are being affected by, or have witnessed breaches of these Club Rules, please contact one of the following people at

  • Simon Kalas
  • Steve Mason

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