SEP Skills Tests

Take an SEP Skill Test with us as part of getting, revalidating or renewing your LAPL or PPL Licence. We provide the training needed to prepare you to pass with our in-house examiner.


New pilots that have passed the 9 theoretical exams are able to move onto passing the pilot licence skill test to complete a PPL or LAPL pilot licence and fly solo. SEP is either a rating added to a PPL licence or a separate licence for LAPL licence holders.

Passing The SEP Skill Test

Training for the SEP Skills Test

To pass the LAPL / PPL skills test new and licensed pilots renewing or revalidating need to be proficient in the following areas:

      • General handling
      • Circuits
      • Stalls
      • Use of radio navigation aids
      • Cross-country flying
      • Instrument flying (PPL Only)

After You Have Passed

After passing the SEP skills test the Examiner will sign the licence or log book which is to be sent to the CAA to apply for a pilot licence.

Renewal and Revalidation

Once complete an SEP rating / licence expires, see our page on SEP renewal or revalidation for more information). Our experienced instructors can conduct a renewal proficiency check to reveal what you need to complete the process.  Then help you through it according to your individual needs.