Membership agreement

  1. This agreement is held between you (“the Member”) and Almat Flying Academy Ltd. All proceedings and disputes shall be governed under the law of England and Wales, where this agreement is considered to be held and enacted.

2. “Member” also refers to customers on our fast track licence schemes that get membership included for the duration of the scheme.


3. This agreement seeks to set expectations between the Member and the Academy. It does not alter the Member’s consumer rights set out in law, nor does it alter or addendum the other Terms and Conditions held in relation to sales.


4. This agreement commences once you have purchased a membership off our website or signed a contract enrolling you onto the fast track scheme.

5. You cannot transfer this agreement to anyone else.

6. You will be entitled to all the rights and privileges advertised for the membership grade chosen.


7. If applicable, your joining fee is collected immediately at the time of purchase. This is charged to cover the initial costs associated with setting up new memberships.

    • a) Further charges for monthly or annual recurring memberships will be collected automatically by credit/debit/charge card until cancelled.
    • b) If the collection of your recurring membership fees is declined by your card issuer, we will contact you to address this. No failed payment fees are due for credit/debit/charge card transactions.
    • c) From time to time, we may choose to change the cost of your membership. Notice of one calendar month will be given before cost adjustment. If you do not agree to the new price, you may choose to end your membership providing at least 10 working days notice before your next fee collection date, as specified in our cancellation policy.


8. If you are a licensed pilot and you have not taken a flight as Pilot in Command in one of our aircraft within the last 28 days, you will need to do a check out first. The requirements of the checkout will depend on when you last flew one of our aircraft and are at the discretion of our instructors.


9. There is no charge to terminate your membership at any time. You can do this online at or by calling our team on 02477 220 399 or email Besides cooling-off cancellations as explained below, your membership period will continue to the end of its validity and no refund will be offered.

10. If you choose to cancel your membership within 14 days of enrolling you will be entitled to a refund minus the joining fee charged to administer new memberships, understanding that your membership will be terminated immediately.

11. If you cancel a membership and later join again, it will be necessary to pay another joining fee.

General Terms

12. Members must be at least 13 years of age. Members under the age of eighteen years old MUST return a “Young Member’s Parental Acknowledgement” form, available by contacting us on 02477 220 399. The member will not be entitled to any of the advertised benefits and entitlements until this is returned.

13. You agree to comply with the Academy’s Club Rules.

14. Members must read and sign our Operations Manual before participating in any flights. The manual is available on request for viewing at the Academy premises.

15. If you are found to be out of compliance with our Club Rules or Operations Manual, we may immediately cease your membership with no refund due, and all entitlements/benefits lost immediately after we have dispatched notification to you.

Flight Terms

16. Membership entitles you to rent aircraft, instruction and equipment with payment due at the end of the flight. Credit is not available.

17. Prior to any flight commencing, we may ask for a deposit. If this is required, it will be refunded immediately once your end-of-flight balance has been paid.

18. Any damage to equipment outside of normal wear and tear, caused by malintent or operating equipment for which you are not suitably competent, will be chargeable.

19. Membership entitles you to self-serve your aircraft reservations and bookings. You may cancel bookings up to 48 hours prior without charge. Flights bookings that you cancel or fail to arrive for without at least 48 hours notice will be chargeable in line with our cancellation policy.

20. Any pending balances must be cleared before departing on a new flight. We may refuse to serve you and deny you usage of our facilities if a balance is pending.

21. For self-hire (rental) flights it is entirely the responsibility of the Pilot In Command (PIC) to inspect and test the aircraft and equipment prior to taking the flight. Furthermore the PIC shall complete one of our “Flight Data Sheets” completely and legibly for each flight taken. These are available from the operations desk upon request.

22. Members must inform us of any issues that may affect the safe use of the aircraft or flight equipment  that are noticed during flight. This should be done by completing the “squawks / defects” section of the flight data sheet and private radar used to record flight information in addition to alerting the operations team, instructors or managing director without delay.

23. Members may not use our aircraft for remuneration, with the exception of cost sharing as per CAA guidelines.

    • a) Members are not permitted to operate flights advertised on Wingly or other flight sharing platforms.

24. When renting aircraft for use as the Pilot in Command or when flying solo under the supervision of an instructor, you are responsible for full payment of the insurance excess in the event of an incident. A disclaimer form to be signed prior to departure.


25. The Academy club membership does not come with any entitlement of shareholding, voting rights, or any other authority over the Academy.

26. You must not offer representation of the Academy unless specifically authorized in writing by a company director of the Academy.

27. If you choose to offer cost-share flights, these must not be advertised, and you must not portray them as being operated by the Academy.

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