Get a LAPL Medical Certificate

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Our in-house AME Dr. Rob Simpson provides LAPL medical certificates. Check the full description for details of how to book one.

When flying with an instructor you do not need to have a valid medical certificate. Prior to flying solo for the first time, you must pass a medical examination. The examination is similar to one you may be asked to undergo for life insurance purposes.

LAPL Medical Certificate Requirements

You need a LAPL medical certificate from either an AME or in certain cases your GP. These are recognised within the European Union.

The wearing of glasses /contact lenses is not a problem in most circumstances. The correction of vision by wearing spectacles/lenses falls within the limitations required by the medical standards. Limitations on your licence may be imposed but these usually mean the carrying of a spare pair of spectacles.

Keeping Your LAPL Medical Certificate Up to Date

Your medical has to be valid to maintain a valid pilot license. It is renewed either every 5 years for the younger members or every 6 months for those of a more mature age.

Applying for a Medical License

The CAA Website has detailed and up to date information and allows you to: