in-house instructor courses & RADIO (FRTOL) Exams launch + get our new free guides

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We’re an A.T.O. now – Instructor Courses launched

After a lot of hard work, especially by our Head of Training Steve, we are now a CAA Approved Training Organisation (ATO). This is a major milestone for us. To date, all of the flight training for PPL / LAPL has been conducted under our Declared Training Organisation (DTO) designation.

Our ATO designation allows us to offer more complex training. So far we are approved to teach the Flight Instructor Course. This course designed is currently being finished off and will be delivered by Steve. We will keep you updated about the launch of this course but if this is of interest you please don’t hesitate to get in touch – read more about the courses we offering here>>.

Radio (FRTOL) Exams now available in-house

Big congratulations to our very own Head of Training Steve Mason who recently passed his assessment of competence to allow him to become a Flight Radio Telephony Operator’s Licence (FRTOL) examiner.

The FRTOL is an essential part of the requirements to gain a LAPL / PPL license. This new capability allows us to conduct the examinations in house rather than using a third-party external provider. Find out more about the FRTOL training we are offering here>>

THE Ultimate Learn to Fly Guide – now even better!

You may be aware of our FREE Ultimate Learn to fly guide. Aimed at those interested in getting a PPL or LAPL license. In the past months we have fully revised it. The 2022 version now incorporates the original guide as well as the content from our Fast Track Guide and:

  • Now presented in a logical process consisting of “10 steps to success”.
  • PPL & LAPL Licenses compared.
  • Loads more information added including some things that not many people know.
  • Our learning at your own pace, fast track and fast track “lite” courses compared.

Check out the new FREE guide here>>

Ultimate Guide to becoming an Airline Pilot & Zero-CPL Ready

We now have an “Ultimate Guide To Becoming an Airline Pilot”. Aimed at individuals who are thinking about progressing onto a career in aviation. It highlights the stepping stones involved and different courses required to prepare for undertaking a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) course. Get the guide>>

Furthermore we are now offering “Zero-CPL Ready”. A fast track course to get individuals from zero hours to being ready to undertake a CPL course. Which includes the basic PPL, structured hour building, ATPL ground school (though our partners) and more. Find out about Zero to CPL Ready>>