What’s happening in 2021?

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Happy New Year

Just wanted to take the time to thank all of our members, students and staff for their support through 2020. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it. As you know we are currently in a tier 4 lockdown, meaning flight training and aircraft hire cannot commence until the restrictions are lifted.

Loads of FREE stuff coming

As with the last major lockdown in March 2020 I would like to give back to you with loads of FREE stuff to keep your aviation minds sharp. Sign up to FLY LIKE A PRO and receive the latest content straight to your inbox. We have tips, quizzes, articles, videos and bite sized courses. Sign up below:

FLY LIKE A PRO – Aeroplane

FLY LIKE A PRO – Helicopter

Courses and Ground School at HUGE savings

We also have some paid courses for you to enjoy, including our CRP-1 Master Class available now. You can also get the accompanying CRP-1 revision books for FREE and Sky Demon Master Class of which you can expect shortly.

There has never been a better time to get your exam preparation and revision done if you are on furlough. We have a 50% discount off our 5 day intensive ground school starting Jan 18th on ZOOM. You can purchase individual subjects or the entire course.

We also have Ebooks available to order through Pooleys should you need to revise.

If you prefer one to one ground school with an instructor then this can be arranged and your lesson completed over ZOOM.

What’s New…

There are many exciting developments which will unfold over the course of the year, one of which being the launch of our new online training platform PPL Expert.

We shall also be launching our flying club again with a focus on continued mentored development for licenced pilots, hour building, courses, fly out’s and potential aircraft ownership schemes. Aside from that we are creating content specifically for private pilots and developing your skills after licence issue.

Thanks again for your continued support and look forward to seeing you all soon.



By Simon Kalas

Simon is the General Manager and aside from keeping an eye on all aspects of the school he writes articles and other posts for our blog and social media.