top 10 Ways to Fund a Pilot License

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The average student spends between £12K – 16k to get a Private Pilots Licence (PPL). Here we discuss several ways in which you may raise funds that DO NOT get you into debt, which we feel is very important. Because once you pass your test, you will need to continue flying to keep your licence current. This may not be affordable along with repaying debts. Let´s get into it….

  1. Disposable Income – Work out a full budget for your flight training using our FREE learn to fly guide. How much can you afford to spend monthly towards flight training? If your budget does not allow a minimum of one hours flight training each month, including several landing fee’s, I would recommend not starting training at all, until the time is right. We suggest a figure of around £260 per month for one flight, with allowance for landing fees.
  2. Cancel subscriptions etc. you don´t need – check your bank statement and cancel those subscriptions you no longer use or could live without for a while.
  3. Find additional work – options might include working overtime, getting a 2nd job in the evenings. If you are a creative person you might be able to share your work on a Platform like Patreon, where you can build an audience of Patrons for your work that can earn you monthly revenue.
  4. Crowdfunding – online platforms such as or are places where you can seek to get financial assistance from others.
  5. Sell what you no longer need – It sounds silly, but many of us hoard things we no longer require. Go through your old stuff, see what you have got stored in the attic or cellar that you might sell on online e.g. via Ebay. A clear out can be a source of hundreds if not thousands of pounds.
  6. Sponsorship – Ask family, friends or your employer if they are willing to sponsor your flight training or part of it. We currently have a student whose employer is part funding his training so they may use him as a pilot for their organisation in the future.
  7. Scholarships – There are several scholarships in existence for private pilots other than ours, such as Fantasy Wings, Honourable League Of Air Pilots. they can be part or fully funded. The Flight Training News publication is a good place to find them. We are currently launching our own scholarship program – click here to register.
  8. Offer to volunteer at your flying school – Many flying schools operate on skeleton staffing as it is not always feasible to employ full-time staff. Why not ask if you could volunteer at weekends in return for a small reduction in rates?
  9. Exchange of services – If you have a skill that your flying school could use, for example videography, website design etc, perhaps see if there is a exchange of time you could negotiate by doing some free work for the school in exchange for services at the school.
  10. Fast track licence schemes or Block Booking Schemes- These are typically more cost effective than a pay as you go approach to training. We operate a fast track scheme for LAPL, PPL and those wanting to go on to a CPL.

So there we have it, ten practical ways you can fund your pilot license. By using several of these methods you have a great chance if you have the motivation. Remember that we have our own scholarship program in the works – register here

By Simon Kalas

Simon is the General Manager and aside from keeping an eye on all aspects of the school he writes articles and other posts for our blog and social media.