LAPL to PPL Conversion

To convert a LAPL to a PPL is very easy. Upgrade your licence with us today. 

There are a number of reasons why a light aircraft pilots licence (LAPL) holder may decide to convert their licence to a private pilots licence (PPL) . This may be in order to gain an instrument qualification or to allow them to work towards a commercial licence. What every the reason we can provide a bespoke solution to allow you to reach your goal.

How to Convert a LAPL to a PPL

This comprises 15 hours of flight instruction to include instrument appreciation and a qualifying cross-country flight of 150nm to including 2 full stop landings at separate aerodromes. Once this has been completed the pilot will receive a course completion certificate from their instructor, enabling them to undertake a full PPL skills test. Once passed, this is then sent to the CAA with the relevant form and fee along with a copy of their class 2 medical for the issue of a PPL.