SEP Rating

The cost varies from person to person depending on how much preparation is needed to pass the examination and if your SEP is still current or not. To renew or revalidate contact us to book an assessment or examination. Read the full description for details.

The PPL pilot licence lasts a lifetime but PPL SEP ratings expire and so must be renewed.

SEP Rating Renewal or Revalidation?

The Civil Aviation Authority use specific terminology when it comes to keeping a SEP licence current. Re-validation means that the rating / licence has not yet expired. A renewal refers to a rating / licence that has already expired and needs to be reinstated. The requirements for each situation are different.

Current SEP Rating Revalidation

YOu can retake a  skills test but this is not cost effective or convenient for most. The better alternative is to revalidate your SEP by experience. This can be done when you have satisfied the following requirements in the 12 months preceding the expiry of the SEP rating:

  • 12 Hours total time of flight
  • 6 Hours of this must be pilot in command
  • 12 take off and landings
  • 1 Hour dual with a flight instructor

You will also need to renew your Flight Radio Telephony Operators Licence (FRTOL):

      • A UK FRTOL issued after 17th 2012 does not expire
      • A UK FRTOL issued before 17th September is valid for 10 years. See CAP 804 section 6 part A

Expired SEP Rating Renewal

The only way to renew an SEP once it has expired is to complete a skills test with an examiner. This will be of a similar format to the initial skills test. Before taking this test you will need to be issued with a course completion certificate by an instructor. The requirements in order to get this certificate will vary person to person. As a general rule the longer the gap since the SEP rating expired the more training will be needed in order to obtain the required skill level. Once this test is successfully passed the examiner will sign the licence and provide a certificate of renewal which is to be sent to the CAA.

As long as these requirements are satisfied before the expiry date of the rating the licence can be signed by an examiner which will extend the rating for a further 24 months. At Almat Flying Academy we do have a number of instructors who can also revalidate your licence. In order for them to do this you must have satisfied the aforementioned requirements and you must have done the 1 hour dual with the instructor in question. They can only sign this if they have flown with the licence holder.

SEP Legal Requirements

It is the responsibility of the pilot to ensure that their licence is current and that they are legal to fly. Failure to do so could lead to prosecution. It is also worth remembering that in order to carry passengers with any licence the pilot in command must have completed at least 3 take off and landings in the last 90 days. These landings can be solo or dual.

Of course if you are at all unsure of the requirements we are here to help and can discuss the best options for you.