Pricing review for 2020

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We reviewed our prices late on last year and made several changes to the pricing structure through the “Student Membership” and “Platinum Student Membership” for 2019, to ensure you get the best value for money. Early on in 2019 we reduced the costs of flying for licensed members by offering the “Licensed Pilot Membership”.

Why we need an annual pricing review

The costs of leasing aircraft vary year in year out and are set to rise, with the cost of maintaining an ageing fleet of aircraft and the residual values of these aircraft rocketing, through lack of availability, leasing costs are only likely to increase to us.

We also need to retain staff . With flying instructors few and far between, with high paying commercial schools proving to be attractive to instructors, its imperative we look after the good team of instructors we have financially.

What’s Changing?

  • We have reduced the rental costs on the 4 seater aircraft for 2020.
  • We have made a small increase to the instruction fees to accommodate a long overdue increase in instructor hourly pay. This hasn’t been increased in around 5 years. This is not a profit making exercise, but cost absorption to ensure we can retain the current group of instructors we all know and love.
  • The rental costs for C152 have increased to us, so a small increase in hourly rate has been introduced here. To members who currently have platinum student membership on the C152 will be allowed to continue using the membership and rates, however new students on C152 will only be offered standard rates.

FREE Landing In January

As a thank you to all of our current members, we are giving you one FREE landing in January. To claim this please give our operations team the code “FREE-LAND-JAN” on you first flight in January.

Aircraft Shares Available G-TEFC

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Full Purchase Price £43995 – up to 5 shares available at £8799 no vat.

The owner of G-TEFC has discussed selling her and thought as we get lots of requests for shares in aircraft, I would see if any of you are interested in buying it as a syndicate. We would like the aircraft to be leased back to the club for training and hire.

The aircraft has fresh exterior paint scheme and freshly retrimmed interior.

Engine: In Time Lycoming 0320-E3D 78 Hours overhauled February 2019

Propeller: TBA

Engineering: Annual and ARC March 2020

Avionics: 8.33 COM / ILS/ / ADF / VOR / MODE C

Exterior: 9.5/10

Interior: 9/10

If any one is interested I can send them information of likely maintenance costs etc and on going running costs. The benefit of if being kept within the club is that it will be hangered at our cost providing we are able to use it for training and hire. The revenue from the hire will offset some, if not all of the running costs, dependent on usage and will offer the share holders a cheaper hourly rate to fly with.

Please email if you are interested and we can arrange a viewing and a flight.

I can also arrange a survey on the aircraft at a reasonable rate through one of our engineering contacts.

Vampire Jet Display, Xmas Offers, New Courses & More

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Christmas Special Offers – Huge Savings

Great gifts for pilots and aspiring pilots.

New Virtual Courses

For pilots and student pilots of any ability. To help boost confidence in your abilities in a stress free environment.

Vampire Jet Display 7/12/2019

Fly alongside the beautiful Vampire jet, and get to look at them up close and get photos. Full details here –

Theory Exam Masterclass 5/12/2019 – 9/12/2019

Early bird discount of just £499, saving you £100. All 9 theory subjects nailed in just 5 days or book the individual modules required, then sit your exams with us –

Christmas party at the Oak 13/12/2019

Join us for a Christmas meal and drinks at the Oak Pub, members and family welcome

New Plane + 737 Sim, Fireworks and SkyDemon Events

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This Months events include our 737 simulator night with a pub meal after. Also fireworks night (family and friends welcome) and our SkyDemon Masterclass. Here is a link to our members events for the details & booking –

Welcome PA-28 G-TEFC

This aircraft is the latest addition to our fleet and is in great condition. It´s performance is better than its predecessor G-BRFM. Better still, due to increased efficiency in running costs we can hire it out a a lower rate. If the aircraft is popular we shall explore share options for members to buy later next year. For more detailed information and photos visit –

Goodbye to D-Day C-47 “That’s All Brother”

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Photo for blob post D-Day C47 Goodbye

Here at Almat Flying Academy we are very lucky to have a home which often hosts a variety of interesting and historical aircraft. One such aircraft was Douglas C-47 “That’s all brother” which is the aircraft that led the main airborne invasion over Normandy 75 years ago. This aircraft has been in the UK for a number of weeks participating in the D-Day 75th anniversary events. Just before it’s long trip back home to the US the aircraft visited Coventry for a few days where the team at Almat Flying Academy were lucky enough to be shown around this very historic aircraft. We were interested to see that despite the aircraft being built in 1944 it has been fitted with all the mod cons including a Garmin 750. This allows it to safely navigate today’s airspace which is decidedly more complex than back in 1944!

Shortly afterwards the aircraft majestically lifted in to the air on the first leg of its long journey back to America, stopping first at Prestwick and then Reykjavik. We at Almat Flying Academy are indeed privileged to be able to share our home with such distinguished based and visiting aircraft.

Save £70 on 5 hours Simulator Hire

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Following our simulator launch event this Saturday, we are offering a block discount for students and PPL’s wishing to hire our simulator to hone their skills. The price is just £200 for 5 hours hire! 
Should you need an instructor for training, we can offer an instructor for an additional £25 per hour.

The sim is the perfect training tool for procedural training, radio navigation such as VOR tracking, practicing emergency drills, practising communication skills and zone transits. It is fully equipped with Garmin GNS430 and GNS530, along with a Mode S transponder.

This offer is valid for 6 months after purchase. Please follow link below to buy your simulator hours:

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Rent David Clark Headsets Only £5 a Day

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Having had a number of issues with troublesome headset recently we have purchased new high quality Dave Clark Headsets for member use. However in order to prevent these headsets getting into the same condition as our old ones we see the need to charge a small fee for use and for ongoing repairs to be completed.

A good quality headset is essential for a distraction free flight.  As many well be aware many of the current Almat headsets have been around for sometime and are showing their age. It is very costly to keep these in good condition and as they are kept in the aircraft they haven’t been particularly well cared for. 

Our headsets will be maintained and will be kept in the office. They will be available for hire for the reasonable sum of £5.00 per day. If you want to take your training seriously and don’t want to commit to your own expensive headset just yet why not considering hiring one of these.

The old headsets will be still be available until such time that they break at which point they will be removed from service and not replaced. If you would like to take advantage of the new one on your next flight please ask a member of staff.